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The description of our method

The description of our method Sobczak Concept®


Sobczak Concept®


The Sobczak Concept® is a revolutionary, fully digital implant treatment protocol. This has been developed by our very own Dr Barbara Sobczak. This method has been specially created for patients with residual teeth or without teeth at all.


The Sobczak Concept® treatment in just a few hours restores a new, beautiful smile.

Your new teeth  literally grow out of the gums in a completely natural way. Our patients feel like they are being given their own third set of natural teeth.


Thanks to the Sobczak Concept treatment® and excellent planning, the doctor can during one treatment:

- remove damaged teeth, if necessary;

- insert the implants through a computer-designed surgical template.

- embed a bridge on them, which in particular:

✅ there are no artificial gums!

✅ allows us to preserve the patient's natural gums;

✅ perfectly adheres to the gums, thanks to which food residues do not accumulate under it;

✅ looks like natural teeth;

✅ functions like natural teeth;

✅ is super accurate because it is designed and made 100% digitally!


Unfortunately, most doctors in the world only offer an implantable prostheses with an artificial gingival mask that looks unnatural and gives rise to huge problems with hygiene.


The Sobczak Concept® is the first method that does not involve the reduction of the patient's bones and does not condemn the patient  to hide their natural gums.


Thanks to the Sobczak Concept® method, you can have beautiful new teeth immediately after the procedure. This also applies to people who, due to significant bone loss, have received an opinion about the impossibility of implantation.


The Advantages of the Sobczak Concept® method

( Why do we not use other methods )



  • The rehabilitation of toothless jaw and mandible thanks to implants;
  • The Incredibly short duration of the procedure;
  • The Ability to see what the new teeth will look like before starting the treatment, with Digital Smile Design (DSD)
  • A permanently fixed prosthetic restoration on the day of the surgery; no need to be ashamed of the lack of teeth;    
  • No need for an artificial and unsightly gum mask – the teeth naturally "grow" from the patient's gums;
  • Easy to clean; We do not use a gum mask so this completely eliminates the problem of hard to remove trapped food residues, which rot there, causing, among other things bad breath;
  • High a esthetics and full functionality of the solution used;
  • No need to reduce the patient's natural and healthy tissues (bones and gums); 
  • A Painless treatment;
  • Saves time and costs less when compared to other methods;
  • Faster healing and shaping of tissues after surgery; 
  • Definitely greater comfort for the patient;
  • Unprecedented precision and accuracy through the use of state-of-the-art digital technologies;
  •  The Rehabilitation of complicated cases for which there has been no effective method of treatment so far.


The treatment process assumes the use of the latest technological solutions:


  • An intraoral scanner and a computed tomography, which gives unprecedented accuracy,that is impossible to achieve with the use of traditional methods, e.g. impressions; 
  • The Digital Smile Design (DSD,, thanks to which the patient together with the doctor can see before the procedure what the new teeth and the new smile will look like; 
  • A 3D printers and a 5-axis milling machine, which allows us to create the highest quality prosthetic restorations;


The day of the procedure...

....will be divided into two stages: the surgical part, consisting oF the introduction of implants through a surgical template, and the prosthetic part, during which the Sobczak Bridge will be attached to the implants.

The new bridge is designed on a computer and then goes into production – it is printed on a 3D printer or is milled by a 5-axis Full HD milling machine, on site at the Clinic in our digital prosthetic laboratory. Thanks to this, just a few hours after the procedure, you will leave our Clinic with new teeth, which will immediately allow you to function normally, eat, speak and smile  wider than ever before.

It all looks like a lengthy process, but in fact it  takes place in just a few hours!

The treatment process with the Sobczak Concept method® step by step



  1. Based on a tomographic examination and a scan with an intraoral scanner, a surgical template is prepared through which the implants will be inserted;

  2. Titanium implants are placed in the bones of the maxilla and/or the mandible;


  1. Special connectors are screwed to the inserted implants;


  1. The exact positions of the implants are transferred to a digital laboratory by means of a 3D scan with an intraoral scanner;

  2. A temporary, fully functional and incredibly aesthetic bridge (without artificial gums) is screwed to the implants just a few hours after surgery;


Is the Sobczak Concept® suitable for me?

  1. During the first visit to the Dr Sobczak Clinic, a specialist will assess the condition of your oral cavity. During the visit, we will present you the optimal method of treatment tailored to your needs. We will take into account your personal expectations and answer all of your questions. We will also record the current situation in your oral cavity using an intraoral scanner. The basic examination performed during consultations is radiological imaging (pantomogram and computed tomography) performed directly in our clinic.

  2. Patients go to Dr Sobczak's Clinics in search of an alternative to the currently used bridges and prostheses, or alternatives to the treatment with other methods, where the prosthetic restoration is a prosthesis permanently screwed to the implants, which does not meet their aesthetic expectations. Often informed in other clinics that the implantation of implants is not possible due to too little bone in their case, they come to us expecting modern, quick treatment without the need for additional procedures.

What is Sobczak Bridge?

The Sobczak Bridge is a temporary bridge, designed and prepared on the basis of CAD / CAM technology, It fits to your tissues (gums) and shapes them properly while healing.


Thanks to the use of only the highest quality medical materials, such as titanium, milled PMMA, and a special resin for 3D printing, the Sobczak Bridge enables not only tooth reconstruction, but also the rehabilitation of the soft tissues (gums) and the entire chewing system.



The Real Arch Sobczak Concept® method is gaining more and more recognition and popularity among implantologists and renowned implant companies around the world due to the training courses and the international conferences organized in Poland and abroad.