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Sobczak Concept®



Sobczak Concept®


The Sobczak Concept® is a revolutionary, fully digital implant treatment protocol. This has been developed by our very own Dr Barbara Sobczak. This method has been specially created for patients with residual teeth or without teeth at all.


The Sobczak Concept® treatment in just a few hours restores a new, beautiful smile.

Your new teeth  literally grow out of the gums in a completely natural way. Our patients feel like they are being given their own third set of natural teeth.


Thanks to the Sobczak Concept treatment® and excellent planning, the doctor can during one treatment:

- remove damaged teeth, if necessary;

- insert the implants through a computer-designed surgical template.

- embed a bridge on them, which in particular:

✅ there are no artificial gums!

✅ allows us to preserve the patient's natural gums;

✅ perfectly adheres to the gums, thanks to which food residues do not accumulate under it;

✅ looks like natural teeth;

✅ functions like natural teeth;

✅ is super accurate because it is designed and made 100% digitally!


Unfortunately, most doctors in the world only offer an implantable prostheses with an artificial gingival mask that looks unnatural and gives rise to huge problems with hygiene.


The Sobczak Concept® is the first method that does not involve the reduction of the patient's bones and does not condemn the patient  to hide their natural gums.


Thanks to the Sobczak Concept® method, you can have beautiful new teeth immediately after the procedure. This also applies to people who, due to significant bone loss, have received an opinion about the impossibility of implantation.


In 2015, a young, 28-year-old patient visited Dr. Barbara Sobczak. After the examination, it turned out that all teeth, or rather their roots, had to be removed. This caused shock and trauma,  especially for a patient so young.


The doctor could not imagine condemning the Patient to wearing a prosthesis, or to the commonly used treatment protocol, which involves placing a bridge with artificial gums on implants. Consequently, in order to screw such a bridge to the implants, the patient's bone had to first be reduced in order to make room for the artificial gums.


Doctor Sobczak decided to give our young patient the best that is possible. What she would like to have in her situation - A third set of teeth, growing out of her own gums, that look like teeth, that functions like teeth and the teeth fit tightly to the patients gums.


The Sobczak Concept® does not assume bone reduction, but is always based on its preservation and reconstruction when there is too little of it.


A few months later it turned out that no one in the world treats patients in this way. Dr. Sobczak began to conduct training and lectures on her method, which was appreciated by doctors and patients from all over the world.


Currently, the Sobczak Concept® is a 100% digital treatment protocol. It uses intraoral scanners, computer navigation to insert implants, digital smile design, 3D printers and 5-axis Full HD milling machines. As a result, everything takes just a few hours and is extremely accurate.

Photographs before and after the treatment

The opinions of our patients about the Sobczak Concept®

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