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The price list

Examples of items from the Dr Sobczak Clinics price list:

Please be advised that for all treatments performed at Dr Sobczak Clinics, you may be able to pay in interest free installments. For details, ask at the Clinic

We perform all prosthetic works in our own digital prosthetic laboratory. Thanks to this, we can offer you the highest quality, which goes hand in hand with the amazing aesthetics of a beautiful smile.

We have introduced special epidemic procedures to ensure that treatment in our clinic is as safe as possible. Our Registration Staff will inform you about the details.

Attention! We do not charge any additional epidemic fees

We make every effort to ensure that our price list is up-to-date, but we are not responsible for any errors contained therein.

Last updated: 11/30/2021

Sobczak Concept®

A method of restoring all teeth in the maxilla or mandible. The treatment is dedicated to patients who have no teeth at all or who have residual teeth that cannot be saved. It involves inserting the implants through a surgical template, and then placing the Sobczak Concept® bridge on these implants. The entire visit to the Clinic usually takes about 3-6 hours.

The advantages of the Sobczak Concept® treatment:

  • no artificial gums!
  • allows the patient's gums to be preserved;
  • perfectly adheres to the gums, thanks to which food residues do not accumulate under it;
  • looks like teeth;
  • functions like teeth;
  • it is super accurate because it is designed and made 100% digitally.
The cost of treatment is determined individually during an implantological consultation
An examination with a treatment plan and panoramic image Dear Patient, during this visit, the doctor will carefully examine the health of your oral cavity. He will take photographic and X-ray pictures (panoramic radiograph). It will present the current situation in your mouth. He will propose the best treatment methods in your case along with a cost estimate. He will answer all your questions about the treatment, and then together you will choose the best solution in your case. Your doctor will provide you with a written treatment plan for removing inflammation, treating tooth decay and achieving full oral health. 150 PLN + 120 PLN (panoramic image)
Specialist dental consultation (e.g. implantology, endodontics) Accurate diagnostics and planning are the key to the success of dental treatment. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in consultations with our experts (implantologist, prosthetist, endodontist, general dentist). Free of charge
An Orthodontic consultation During this visit, the orthodontist will select the best orthodontic appliance for the given malocclusion. He will compare the treatment options in your specific case together with a cost estimate and answer all your questions. 100 PLN
An emergency check up  (An intevention visit) In the case of sudden toothache, swelling, detachment of the crown, use an emergency visit, which includes pain relief, X-ray, diagnosis and a prescription. 350 PLN
An Implant An Insertion of the implant. An implant is a new tooth root, made of titanium, that fuses with the bone like a broken limb. We only use Swiss STRAUMANN implants From 2950 PLN
An all-ceramic crown on an implant with an individual prosthetic connector After inserting the implant, a crown is placed on it. It is a new tooth enamel, made in our laboratory, which is placed on an implant. It rebuilds the shape, the function and the color of tooth enamel in the most aesthetic way. 4000 PLN
All-ceramic crowns Nowe szkliwo zęba. Maksymalnie estetyczna i dokładna odbudowa kształtu, funkcji oraz koloru szkliwa zęba. Po przygotowaniu zęba, sytuacja w jamie ustnej przenoszona jest do naszego laboratorium protetycznego za pomocą skanera wewnątrzustnego. W laboratorium korona jest projektowana na komputerze, a następnie produkowana przez frezarkę Full HD. Dzięki temu jest superdokładna i idealnie dopasowana. 2900 PLN
Composite dental crowns A less aesthetic and less durable alternative to an all-ceramic crown. Made of composite (material used for fillings) in our prosthetic laboratory. 1550 PLN
All-ceramic veneer Ceramic Veneers are thin porcelain shields that cover only the front face of the teeth. Maximum aesthetic and accurate. After the teeth are examined, the situation in the oral cavity is transferred to our prosthetic laboratory using an intraoral scanner. In the laboratory, the veneer is designed on a computer and then produced by a FullHD milling machine. This makes it super accurate and perfectly matched. 2900 PLN
Fixed braces (1 arch) Braces with metal brackets fixed to the teeth. From 2200 PLN
Removable braces

Removable braces adjusted by the doctor at regular check-ups.

From 750 PLN
Invisalign (complete overlay pack)

Invisalign treatment is the clear alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults.The most aesthetic, advanced and innovative Invisalign clear aligner system. The aligners are made of SmartTrack material that provides a 75% improvement in the overall predictability of tooth movement.

From 7700 PLN
Composite filling (white)

If the caries (small hole) is shallow, a filling is usually sufficient to remove it.

In order to perform one restoration, the doctor may even use a dozen or so types of materials. All this to recreate the tooth as accurately as possible.

Our goal, apart from treating caries, is to do it in such a way that you cannot recognize which tooth has been treated.

Our doctors have extensive experience and know best about the anatomy of teeth

From 350 PLN
Root canal treatment of the teeth

If caries (small holes) have entered the tooth crown, root canal treatment may be necessary. It is based on the removal of decay bacteria from the tooth roots, while cutting off their entry into the bloodstream. Then, the spaces after their removal are filled with a special preparation. Depending on the type of tooth, it will require one or more canals to heal.

This treatment is performed under a microscope that allows up to 20x magnification. This translates into the accuracy and durability of the treatment. The treatment is performed by experienced Doctors.

From 1250 PLN
Composite outlay In the case of the loss of large tooth surfaces, a composite overlay made in our prosthetic laboratory is used to rebuild its damaged surfaces. 1550 PLN

Comprehensive hygienization (scaling and sandblasting)

It is based on professional tooth cleaning and oral hygiene instruction, i.e. learning how to properly clean your teeth at home. Comprehensive hygienization is scaling, i.n. the removal of tartar the ultrasonic method, sandblasting, i.e. the removal of plaque from the teeth, and tooth polishing. 350 PLN
Fluoridation of teeth After hygienisation, it is recommended to apply fluoride to the teeth. 80 PLN
Tooth removal

One of the most common surgical procedures in dentistry is tooth extraction.

In many cases, it is possible to perform the tooth extraction procedure at the same time as well as the procedure of inserting an implant and placing a temporary crown on it. Thanks to this, the patient does not feel the discomfort associated with the lack of a tooth. Ask your doctor about the possibility of performing an immediate implantation procedure with immediate burden in your case.

From 400 PLN
Undercutting the frenulum   550 PLN
Bone reconstruction The treatment of controlled bone regeneration, i.e. the reconstruction of the bone, of which there is too little to, for example, to introduce implants. 4700 PLN
An adaption visit

The first visit at a dentist office is a big stress for our young patients, therefore we suggest that it should be an adaptation visit – this will give the child and the parent the time to get to know the doctor.  During the visit we will show your child the dentist surgery. The doctor will present the dentist chair and how it can be adjusted, how the dental handpieces blow air or spray water and check the teeth of a favorite bear. For great cooperation, the child will receive a gift from us;)

120 PLN
Anesthesia The Wand  (Computer Assisted System)

The magic wand. :)

This is a computer administered anesthesia which is completely painless. The computer delivers the anesthesia extremely precisely, and the rate of administration and dose is individually adjusted to the patient..

120 PLN
A filling in a milk tooth. (primary tooth)

When caries (a hole) is present in the milk tooth, we treat the tooth by filling the cavities with colorful fillings, very liked by children. We offer a large selection of colors, we use only the highest quality materials.

We also offer white fillings made of composite, depending on your preference.

From 210 PLN
The removal of a milk tooth (primary tooth)

When a milk tooth is badly damaged by caries (small holes in the tooth) and it cannot be saved, it should be removed.

Parents, remember that milk teeth are very important. Among other things, for the development of the craniofacial skull in a child, and their destruction by caries (small holes) has an impact on the permanent teeth that are under the primary teeth. So don't wait until it's too late.

From 140 PLN
A General practitioner visit (GP)   200 PLN
Visit an occupational health Doctor. Sometimes additional tests may be required before your visit, e.g. ophthalmologic tests, Enquire at our reception desk to find out more details of what tests are required in your case. 200 PLN
A visit to an occupational health Doctor. An assessment of the fitness to drive. (Driving Licence) Sometimes additional tests may be required before your visit, e.g. ophthalmologic tests, Enquire at our reception desk to find out more details of what tests are required in your case. 250 PLN
A Psychiatric visit   200 PLN