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The Sobczak Concept® is a revolution in implant treatment. A treatment protocol developed by Dr. Barbara Sobczak, which has been appreciated by patients and medical specialists from all around the world. It allows you to regain your smile without any artificiality. Your third set of teeth in just a few hours.

We do not cut any corners when treating our patients. We only use the best and cleanest implants with over 60 years of tradition. As a leader in implantological treatment in Poland, we guarantee the highest level of treatment.

All over the world, replacing missing teeth with implants is replacing traditional prosthetic solutions and has become the most popular standard. This form of treatment is simple, safe and indefinite, and thanks to the original Sobczak Concept® treatment protocol by Dr. Barbara Sobczak is also incredibly fast.

Are you here for the first time?

Like a home building project, the treatment plan comes first.

See what a comprehensive oral health examination looks like.

Dental prophylaxis is a series of procedures aimed at preventing the development of diseases of the teeth and tissues that surround the teeth (periodontium).

Conservative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the prophylaxis and the prevention of the development of caries as well as the treatment and filling of cavities in a way focused on restoring their functional and aesthetic value.

At Dr Sobczak Clinics, we offer the highest quality intelligent composite dental materials that we use as standard for each filling. We also offer tooth reconstruction based on the most modern type of glass fiber available on the market.

Performing all procedures at Dr Sobczak Clinics is possible under anesthesia ensuring your full comfort during the visit.

Endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal treatment, is the removal of caries bacteria from the tooth canal or canals. Thanks to this, we cut off their journey with blood throughout the body.

Then, the empty spaces of the channels are filled with a special substance to strengthen them.

After the end of the root canal treatment, the shape, function and color of the tooth enamel should be rebuilt.


Root canal treatment at Dr Sobczak's Clinics is under the control of a microscope, which allows up to 20x magnification, which translates into the accuracy and the precision of treatment.

At Dr Sobczak's Clinics, we offer modern and comprehensive orthodontic treatment for children and adults, including those preparing for a planned surgical or prosthetic procedure.


 We offer you the most advanced and innovative Invisalign transparent overlay system. The aligners are made of SmartTrack material that provides a 75% improvement in the overall predictability of tooth movement to the expert's expected position.


The treatment process begins with a consultation, during which the doctor selects the patient and performs x-rays and digital scans. Based on the received documentation, he develops an individualized treatment plan. Then, the patient receives a set of specially made overlays from a specialist, which he has to wear every day and replace on average every week or two. The doctor meets with the patient every six to eight weeks to monitor the course and progress of the treatment and to provide new trays. Finally, a retainer is required to hold the teeth in their new, perfect position.

At Dr Sobczak's Clinics, we offer a full range of dental surgery services. In this field, we perform, among others, extractions, i.e. tooth extraction and the so-called chiseling of wisdom teeth commonly known as "eights".


We support orthodontic treatment by cutting the frenulum, exposing impacted teeth or implanting orthodontic screws - additional implants for the duration of orthodontic treatment.


We also deal with Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), i.e. volumetric restoration of lost bone tissue supporting implantological and periodontal treatment. The fundamental element of the implantation of dental implants is the appropriate qualitative and quantitative condition of the bone tissue in the area where the treatment is planned. GBR enables the appropriate support for naturally regenerating tissue with the use of highly specialized bone-replacing or bone-forming preparations. Controlled Bone Regeneration treatments are widely recognized as safe procedures that bring extremely satisfying results, which are rarely possible without the support of natural restoration.

Prosthetic treatment focuses primarily on restoring anatomical occlusal conditions in the event of any missing teeth, as well as on maximally aesthetic restorations or changes in the smile.

At Dr Sobczak's Clinics, prosthetic works are performed digitally.

This means that instead of the classic impression with an impression material, we perform an intra-body scan. As a result, the patient feels more comfortable. Then, such a scan is sent to our digital prosthetic laboratory, where technicians design the patient's teeth on a computer. The finished project is milled on a laboratory Full HD milling machine.

Thanks to the complete digitization, prosthetic works are extremely accurate and precisely adjusted to the occlusal conditions in the patient's mouth.

Our priority is the excellent quality and precision of the work performed so that at the end of the treatment we see a new, unfettered, wide smile of a satisfied Patient.

Hygienization performed by a certified hygienists is the basic procedure preceding the treatment of the oral cavity.

During the procedure, we focus on several subsequent stages.


We start with the removal of tartar (scaling) using an ultrasonic scaler. Tartar is a bacterial plaque that sticks to your teeth and destroys tooth tissue.

Removal of these bacteria is extremely important due to the negative impact on the exposure and lowering of the necks of the teeth, which may lead to bone loss and subsequent loosening of the teeth, and consequently even their loss.


Then, we remove any sediment and discoloration from the surface of the teeth by sandblasting with the use of a so-called sandblaster.


The next stage is polishing the teeth with the use of specialized polishing pastes and brushes. This treatment gives the effect of a smooth and uniform texture.


The final stage of hygienization is fluoridation, which consists in rubbing appropriate varnishes, foams, solutions or fluoride gels into the teeth.

We provide you with quick and easy access to an internist. The basis of its operation is prophylaxis and initial diagnosis, as well as treatment and health control in cases involving viral and bacterial infections and sudden inflammations. Very often it is a first-aid doctor who, after a thorough examination, will direct you to the appropriate specialist doctor.

Our team includes an excellent psychiatrist who studies and applies biopsychosocial principles in the etiology, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of behavioral, emotional and mental disorders. The aforementioned difficulties  may appear in the life of every person alone or together with other problems of this nature. They can be, among others anxiety, depression or psychosis.

We want to provide you with easy access to services that allow you to manage and treat successfully these issues in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, using the results of the latest and proven research and assumptions.

Dr Sobczak's clinics provide support in the field of occupational health. We help in conducting preliminary, periodic and control tests for employees of all professional sectors exposed to various harmful factors

We offer tests for driving candidates confirmed by the qualification certificate necessary for the Communication Department. We support employees in working at heights and moving machines. We issue certificates for employees operating screen monitors.

We provide support in the implementation of a very wide range of laboratory tests as well as sanitary and epidemiological tests with the issuance of a decision.

We carry out research on work with ionizing radiation.

We take digital pantomographic pictures and a computed tomography, and additionally, for the convenience of the Patient in Dr Sobczak's Clinics, we have X-ray machines in every dentist's surgery.

We offer 3D computed tomography, i.e. an ultra-precise examination that allows us to obtain the highest quality three-dimensional image of the patient's tissues. We have a camera with many innovative functions, including an unusually short exposure time and the automatic selection of its parameters. Thanks to the high automation, the specialist doctor can fully focus on what is most important, i.e. the patient and his or her comfort and feelings during the examination.

In each of Dr. Sobczak's Clinics, we take X-ray pictures of the teeth, the temporomandibular joints and of the nose.

Very reliable and comprehensive diagnostics thanks to the use of the most modern available solutions is the basis of the patient's treatment. By using a large imaging field, it is possible to perform only one examination, which will mean there is no need to make several exposures using other devices. The patient does not have to spend many hours in clinics or hospitals to obtain a meticulous assessment of his own oral health condition.

During the examination, the Patient receives a 3D image measuring 10 × 10 cm. The examination allows us to obtain any number of bone cross-sections and display them in the desired order. It is a useful tool in preimplantation diagnostics and the simulation of implant implantation. It provides an accurate radiographic image and allows us to measure the thickness of the tissue