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Gallery Event

The first Gala of Sobczak Concept Patients

2023.03.14-16 Lectures on IDS, Cologne, Germany

2022.12.16 CAPP Webinar

2022.11.02 Straumann Webinar

2022.10.29 IFED lecture, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2022.03.31 Article

2022.03.11 SmileAward Straumann contest Jury member

2022.03.22 60s interview for Straumann

2022.01.31 Meeting with the Straumann Board

2022.01.29-30 Lecturer on Easthetic World, Dubai, UAE

2021.12.21 Lecturer for Straumann YouTooth

2021.11.12-13 Closed Sobczak Concept training course

2021.06.16 Online webinar

2021.01.29 Lecture

2021.02. XII Polish Businesswoman Awards

2020.12. Podcast

2021.09. Smile Award winner

2020.06.13 Webinar

2020.06.23 Webinar

2020.06.25 Experts' View

2020.07.21 Webinar

2020.08.08 1st WIN Webinar

2020.12.17 Webinar