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Hygienization performed by a certified hygienists is the basic procedure preceding the treatment of the oral cavity.

During the procedure, we focus on several subsequent stages.


We start with the removal of tartar (scaling) using an ultrasonic scaler. Tartar is a bacterial plaque that sticks to your teeth and destroys tooth tissue.

Removal of these bacteria is extremely important due to the negative impact on the exposure and lowering of the necks of the teeth, which may lead to bone loss and subsequent loosening of the teeth, and consequently even their loss.


Then, we remove any sediment and discoloration from the surface of the teeth by sandblasting with the use of a so-called sandblaster.


The next stage is polishing the teeth with the use of specialized polishing pastes and brushes. This treatment gives the effect of a smooth and uniform texture.


The final stage of hygienization is fluoridation, which consists in rubbing appropriate varnishes, foams, solutions or fluoride gels into the teeth.